I’ve always had a mixed relationship with personal development advice.

For my whole life (especially the early part), I so desperately wanted it to be good. I wanted it to be mind-blowing. I wanted it to transform my entire fucking life so that one day, I would wake up, and everything would just be peaches.

But it wasn’t. And it isn’t. It drifted somewhere between mystical trash wrapped in tie-die monks robes and served with a side of a kale liver detox and useless nonsense that you had to repeat 100 times in front of your bathroom mirror but provided no practical benefit as soon as you stepped out of your house.

It relied on me suspending my entire understanding of not only reality as I knew it, but also my entire subjective experience of life, just to be able to even stomach what I was being told.

I hated it. All of it.

So, I made up my own shit 🙂

I stopped reading those fancy books with bald guys in dirty, loose-fitting linen pants trying to convince me that my root chakra was out of alignment and I dropped the lemon and kale liver detox plan and I asked myself two really simple questions.

  1. Why was I acting the way I was acting?
  2. What was going to make me change?

That’s it. I didn’t ask the universe for any magical intervention. I didn’t retreat to a cave where I could silently contemplate the metamorphosis of butterflies. I just asked myself the two questions I needed to answer in order to get my shit together.

It turned out that answering them took FAR longer than even getting unemployment benefits during a global pandemic. But, I stuck at it.

I tried, I failed, I came up with all kinds of poorly-thought out theories about how and why I failed and threw myself back into the fire.

I took a while, but as things started to stick and I stopped being such a loser, people started to ask for help.

I helped one, then two, then five, then more. People started asking questions so I wrote some blog posts and as the same questions kept popping up over and over again, I jammed them all into a book.

That first book grew into a workshop, then another, than another book, and even my own coaching team (it turned out people got into what I was saying).

I stepped away from this world to get into the filthy world of making money online and now I’m back to do good with all my newfound internet powers.

So, let’s get this shit moving 🙂