Over the last 15 years, society has done a reasonably decent job of convincing us blokes that it’s OK to admit we’re a little bit fucked up in the head.

The blokes we look up to — the big sports stars, business gurus, and all-around legends — are all comfortable admitting when things inside their heads aren’t great and they’re making it easy for us regular blokes to do the same.

It’s not all peaches and cream, though.

Society has made it OK to admit that we’re doing it tough and we need help, but all they’ve left us with to get our heads sorted are a bunch of charka-loving, new-age, spiritual wankers who try to convince us that the reason we’re feeling shit is that we don’t own enough crystals or we’ve somehow offended the universe.

Fuckin’ lovely, eh?

This is where Blokes Coach comes in.

I’ve been down this path. I’ve gone through the problems — felt like punching out a wall, headbutting a moron, just fucking driving off to the other side of the country and leaving the shit behind — and then wasted more years than I want to admit trying to find help that didn’t require me to wear a tie-die t-shirt and move to Mullumbimby.

I was fucking SCREAMING OUT for someone who could just give me a simple solution, one that actually made sense and that didn’t involve hundreds of hours chanting meaningless sayings into my bathroom mirror before I could leave the house. I just wanted something that would work, especially when I found myself swimming upstream through some of the shit I managed to find myself in more than a few times a day.

All I got were a much of well-meaning, but ultimately useless catch-phrases that look like they’d been lifted from a piece of driftwood that my missus might pick up from Freedom Furniture.

I got really sick of all this fucking around so I decided to get this shit sorted myself.

It started with asking myself some really tough questions and then, despite wanting to just yell and scream about how fucking shit the world was, being brutally honest about how I was fucking up my own life.

I read a bunch of books about things other than cosmic energy and healing yoga and found a sprinkling of ideas that actually seemed to have some logical merit.

And then I put myself in unimaginably uncomfortable situations to try and deal with all these problems using all this interesting new info I’d found.

Look, I’ll be 100% honest here: a lot of it didn’t go great.

I ended up looking like a giant fucking moron on more occasions than I can count and managed to piss of a lot of people, including some I really didn’t want to.

But, there were enough little glimpses of success amongst that stinking cesspool to give me hope that maybe some of this shit might work.

So I stayed on that roller-coaster; up and down and down and up and down and down and down and then up and up and down and up. Eventually, I started to see more wins and losses over time, then ended up where I am today.

Married to the kind of woman I never thought I’d get, owning a house I never thought I’d be able to afford, with a son who has everything I missed out on as a kid, and a bunch of mates who I never thought would accept me, while doing a job that fills a little chunk of my soul every time I’m able to help a good bloke find the answers he needs.

So if you’re struggling with the demons inside your head and looking for a solution that actually works without you needing to suspend the very foundations of logic and reality, we’re here to help.

Start off downloading ‘MENtal – An owners’ manual for the male brain’ and get stuck in. You can read it on your phone or even just listen to it if reading isn’t your strong suit.

It’ll show you the root cause of all the shit you find yourself in through every day of your life and exactly what you need to do to get rid of all of it.

If you get the answers but struggle to make them work, the next step is to join group Team Bloke. It’s a group of guys that meet once a month to talk about all the shit that’s going on and then get solutions to fix it. We cover the four M’s: your money, missus, mates, and mission and make sure they’re all on track so that your life turns out great.

We also throw you guys exclusive articles challenges as well as a private Facebook group where you can ask all the dumb questions you don’t want to post publically.

If talking in a group seems like too much and you’d rather do one-on-one, hit me up here. You can book a session whenever you need so that getting the answers can happen on your timeline.